Gestoffice – Contabilidade e Fiscalidade

Gestoffice is a company specialising in Accounting and Taxation.

Our knowledge and years of experience in the industry enable us to offer our clients the best support in all financial, taxation and legal matters. You can rely on us for technological innovation, quality, competence and confidentiality. Gestoffice easily adapts to clients’ different needs and approaches.

Our Team

Gestoffice only works with collaborators that have solid and proven experience – professionals with high standards that work efficiently and provide customised service.

Our mission is founded on quality, strong relationships with our clients and professional confidentiality. Gestoffice continually invests in training to make sure that our staff on top of the latest developments in the industry. We pride ourselves on generating innovative ideas that allow us to find creative and relevant solutions for our clients.

Our Clients

We currently have a portfolio of over 50 clients across a range of industries including Trade, Transportation, Consultancy, Medical Services, Insurance and Information Technology.

Gestoffice’s core values of confidentiality and transparency not only help form the relationships that they have with their clients but also increase the value of their client’s businesses.


Icon Accounting


  • General Accounting (record keeping on a monthly basis)
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Tax Deductions (VAT e IRC)
  • Financial Statements
Icon Taxation


  • Vat, IRC and withholding clearance
  • Taxation advice
  • New Activity Statement
  • Periodic VAT Return (refunds request)
  • Model 22 (IRC)
  • IES (Simplified Corporate Information)
  • Model 10
  • Model 30
  • Model 39
  • Other Models
Icon Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

  • Payroll
  • Monthly Statement of Remuneration
  • Social Security Map
  • Payment Deductions
  • Compensation Fund
  • Reports
  • Employees’ Annual Income Statement
  • Communication of beginning/cease of Social Security functions
Icon Other Services

Other Services

  • Tax payments
  • Document collection and delivery to client premises
  • Provide Statements to Tax Authority
  • Provide Statements to Social Security
  • INE (Intrastat)
  • Bank of Portugal (Communication of Foreign Operations and Positions)
  • Insurance management (vehicles, workplace accident, multi risk, etc.)
  • Others